Udithamal Hemachandra

This information will be useful for you to have a simple understanding of the types of vaccines for Covid. First we get a simple understanding of the types of vaccines and the countries that originated them.

01. The vaccine developed in the United States - Canada - Germany is called Pfizer (BioNTech). The manufacturing company here is BioNTech. Two doses should be taken here.

02. The vaccine, developed by Britain in collaboration with the University of Oxford, is called the Oxford AstraZeneca. Here AstraZeneca is a brand and a British-Swiss joint venture. The second dose should be taken between 2 - 4 weeks.

Sri Lanka received the "Oxford AstraZeneca" vaccine. It was developed in India under the brand name "covishield" by a company called "Serum". Although the brand name is "CoviShield", it is entirely a "Oxford AstraZeneca" vaccine.

03. There is another vaccine developed by India alone. It is called "Covaxin". It was developed by Bharat Biotech in India. It is a purely Indian product. The vaccine is currently being offered in India.

04. The main vaccine discovered by Russia is called "Sputnik V". In addition, Russia has developed two other vaccines called "EpiVacCorona" and "CoviVac", all of which are currently available in the country. All of these are vaccines that should be given in the second dose within 4 weeks.

05. China has developed four vaccines so far: Sinopharm / Sinovac / CanSino / Anhui Zhifei. China says it is enough to take only one dose of one vaccine.

All of these vaccines are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) or its authorized bodies. In addition, the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, China, Russia and India are conducting further research into vaccines.

New vaccine varieties

Meanwhile, the United States and Britain recently introduced two more vaccines to the world with the discovery of a new strain of corona.

01. The first one was named Moderna and is the latest result of research conducted entirely in the United States.

02. The second is called Novavax. It is the latest vaccine developed by the UK and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson (Johnson & Johnson is also an American company).

Other major vaccine developers are Germany, Kazakhstan, Israel, Cuba, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Italy, North Korea, Australia and Bangladesh.

Statistics show that by March 7, 2021, 305.2 million people in the world will have been vaccinated against any type of Covid vaccine. It is less than 4 percent as a percentage.