Biden's 100 days

New President Joe Biden has proposed a 100-day program. But critics say Biden has a lot of work to do in those 100 days.
Being the world cop again
In line with the glorification of the Trump administration over the past four years for not interfering in the internal affairs of the sovereign states, criticisms are being heard these days that the lack of power to put any pressure on the insane states of the world over the past four years is also a weakness. The United States will soon have to assert that "power of the superpower," which will be the first step in building a bridge between American politics and the world map. Today it is being interpreted in various ways as a high responsibility of Biden's government.

Becoming a world power

01. American intervention and contribution to the United Nations is not insignificant. Nearly 50% of the UN's annual aid and grants from all over the world are pumped from the United States. (United Nations data)

02. The primary purpose of establishing NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was to ensure the security of member countries. NATO is also a bridge for the United States to expand its military presence in Europe.

Two of the most popular topics during the Trump administration were the withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, the withdrawal from the World Health Organization, and the fact that the United States should not spend funds on NATO.
These were two of the most popular topics, and the Trump administration itself began to propagate that "what do we spend on?" "We don't get what we pay for these organizations."

Really why America pays more

Over the past few days, this has been the subject of in-depth discussions in the American media and in the political discourse and criticism of the active world media from the United States. The power to influence an individual depends on the ability to spend in general, on the United Nations, NATO, the number of troops in camps around the world, sanctions, natural resource management, military strength, political decisions in the country, and necessary or unnecessary interference. That was the critical accusation that America had forgotten in the last four years.

American projects

The United States says it spends the most on world space programs. At the same time, the next question they ask is, has anyone given America any responsibility for "providing the world with early information on space programs, weather programs and natural disasters"? To go They also argue that Americans need to understand that billions of dollars are spent annually on non-debt capital as a "power" fee.

Opportunities to become "powerful" without spending money

In those conversations, the Trump administration missed opportunities to become "powerful" without spending money. The tightening of refugee laws and the enactment of legislation over the past four years to deprive large numbers of asylum seekers of that opportunity is a major blow to domestic democracy. Critics say the message the United States gave to the world at the time of the death of a black man in the case of an officer was "disgraceful" and that American behavior in such cases should have changed completely.

Biden without the majority

Biden received more votes as a Trump candidate in the last presidential election than the total number of votes he received as a presidential candidate. Despite Biden's presidency in the country's electoral system, the majority of the people voted in favor of Trump.
Critics also point out that the people of the United States will be on the lookout for future political developments in the United States, and that the new president must also be on the lookout for "the aspirations of the American people."
(Former Attorney Generals / Former Senators / Former Governors / Former Ambassadors / Former NASA Directors / including others commented on these live political reviews)

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