International silence on the Syrian refugee issue

The Syrian people began to flock to Europe in the face of the country-wide conflict. Hundreds of thousands of refugees were drawn to western countries such as Jordan, as well as to Central European countries such as France and Germany. This situation had a profound effect on the economic, political and security sectors of other countries.

At that time, many countries even changed their refugee laws and barricaded themselves in Syria.

International intervention on refugees failed miserably, and thousands of refugee camps sprang up. To this day, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Migration Program continue to provide relief to those living in these camps. Present and future of the Syrian crisis There are different interpretations of the crisis in Syria. Rather than seeing this as a confrontation between the Assad-led Syrian government and the anti-Assad faction, it is clear that Syria has become a showcase where the US-led Western world and the Russian-led camp are pursuing their own personal agendas.

The following three statements are crucial to show the lukewarmness of international intervention in the Syrian crisis.

"I have faith in the United Nations, but they need to think about their conscience about how they are dealing with Syria. The Syrian crisis has taken a serious turn. The United Nations needs to create a formal framework for dialogue and peace. Expenditure incurred as a result of the ongoing catastrophe is also increasing. The United States and Russia also appear to be making significant contributions to the solution. I am confident that any crisis can be resolved. However, this cannot be done without a political will and maturity that goes beyond narrow profits. '

 Marty Ahtizari (Former President of Finland / Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

"Russia's inability to resolve the chemical weapons crisis in Syria has undermined Russia's relevance to such a solution. In that sense, it is possible Russia did not intervene.

 Former United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

"It simply came to our notice then. I'm giving up hope on that. Security Council states do not want justice '

War crime expert Carla del Ponte


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