What happened in America?

The Senate, which can be interpreted as the American Parliament, met today to confirm the official appointment of Joe Biden, who won the 2020 presidential election. The state governors return the official result to the Senate, which is confirmed by the person representing the state in the Senate (presumably the Member of Parliament).
Who are these senators?
There will be no separate general election in the United States or a separate election to elect senators, and all will be elected based on the outcome of the presidential election. This means that Biden's senators, who won the 2020 presidential election, have not yet been appointed to the Senate. In another example, the state of Pennsylvania, where Trump won the 2015 presidential election, was won by Biden in 2020. But there is still a Trump man in the Senate representing Pennsylvania. Trump's representative in the Senate representing Pennsylvania may oppose the outcome of the election, although the state governor has officially notified the House of Commons. Biden, who won the 2020 election over that protest, could be challenged in the Senate.
What happened today
Some senators in the Senate, who claim that Trump still holds the presidency and that he has won the last presidential election, have expressed their "opposition" to "state governors' announcements" about Biden's victory. At that moment, Trump's supporters who were standing around the Senate building broke into the building and behaved in a very violent manner.
What is the Senate
The U.S. Senate is the top tier of the U.S. administrative structure. The composition and powers of the Senate are established by Article 1 of the United States Constitution. The Senate is made up of senators, each of whom represents a state. There are 100 senators representing 50 states in the United States, with two senators from each state.
In addition to the official recognition of the President, the Senate has the power to legislate, approve state agreements, appoint cabinet secretaries (ministers), Supreme Court justices, federal judges, appoint public officials, and promote official positions.
How the mess develops
Although Biden is the winning candidate in the overall statewide results of the 2020 presidential election (depending on the number of seats in each state), Trump has won more states than he has won. That is, Biden won by a large number of votes in several large states, but Trump won in a number of smaller states. This means that the Republican Party will have more (and still more) seats in the Senate than Democratic Biden. But it does not have much effect on the administration of the country or the constitutional functions of the Senate.
Congress Building
This is located in Washington D.C. The original building was built in 1800. The head offices of the Legislature, the Senate and the Judiciary are also active here. (This is a very simple explanation and a very brief summary to understand what happened)

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